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How do Extreme Weather Temperatures Affect Car Batteries?

If you live in a climate that stays at a moderate temperature all year, then extreme weather conditions won’t have an effect on your battery. For the majority of people, however, knowing the best way to maintain your car’s battery can save you headaches and costly replacements.

On very cold mornings, you will notice that it takes longer to start and warm the vehicle up. Motor oil thickens when it’s cold, so it creates more work for the battery and starter relay to turn the engine over and warm it up. You also use more electrical energy by running the lights, heater, and wipers for longer periods. On the flip side, very hot days result in liquid evaporation. That means that keeping an eye on the battery’s electrolytes is extremely important. Once you overheat the battery, you’ve created irreparable damage.

It’s recommended to service your vehicle’s battery each autumn and spring, so that you’re ready for the more extreme temperatures to come. Our service center here at Lithia Chrysler Jeep of Reno in Reno, NV is ready to assist you with your questions.

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