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Keep Your Car Looking New: Cover It!

We at Lithia Chrysler Jeep of Reno have a few tips so you can ensure a long life for your vehicle. Many buyers of used vehicles want a great exterior when they are shopping for a car. We suggest a car cover to maximize your resale value and keep your vehicle looking great while you enjoy it as well.

A car cover can minimize the damage done by the sun to the interior and exterior of your vehicle. It can also help keep the weather from damaging the paint and dust from accumulating while your car is parked.

A car cover can also help you keep your car clean, so there are fewer trips to the car wash. If you are parking on the street, it can also help with dust, branches, leaves, sap from the trees and grit that is accumulated by the traffic.

Come to our service center in Reno, NV to get your vehicle serviced and get your questions answered about caring for your car.

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