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Setting the Record Straight About Motor Oil Myths

At our Lithia Chrysler Jeep of Reno service center in Reno, NV, we'd like to set the record straight about a number of motor oil myths that many customers still believe in. The first is the 3,000-mile change rule. The actual average interval between change that's still healthy is about 7,000 miles.

It's not true that black oil is a sign it needs to be changed. It's simply a sign the oil is doing its job, getting darker as it collects sludge particles before they enter the engine. It also won't damage your engine if you switch back and forth between synthetic and petroleum-based motor oils, so long as the oil meets the viscosity and service levels dictated by your manufacturer's owner’s manual. Although synthetic oil provides superior lubricating power, it doesn't improve your fuel economy. So if you're paying more for synthetic oil hoping to boost mileage, it's not worth the extra cost.

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