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Two Details that Make the Jeep Grand Cherokee's Blind Spot System Superior

Many vehicles come with a blind spot monitoring system, including the Jeep Grand Cherokee. It’s a system that’s designed to warn drivers when there is another vehicle in their blind spot. This feature helps prevent lane changes that result in accidents. However, there are two features that make Jeep’s system stand out.

The illuminated mirror is not uncommon in the blind spot warning system, but this illuminated mirror is slightly more noticeable than it is on other vehicles. However, it’s the audible alert that stands out the most. This alert not only comes along with the visible light, it also provides auditory evidence there is another vehicle in your blind spot.

To test drive the new Jeep Grand Cherokee and test out the blind spot warning system yourself visit Lithia Chrysler Jeep of Reno. This feature helps improve the safety of every ride you take in Reno, NV.

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