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Understanding What Android Auto Is

When you’re looking for more innovative technology inside of your vehicle in Reno, NV, Android Auto is the way to go. At Lithia Chrysler Jeep of Reno, we’re seeing more vehicles with this popular technology inside of it. You can take a hands-free approach with your navigation, music, contacts, and more.

Android Auto allows you to say, “OK Google” in order to interact with your Google Assistant. You can, then, use voice commands to do things like navigate to a particular restaurant, play your favorite music playlist, or call a person. Your eyes stay on the road the entire time.

When you’re driving, you can also use the tech in order to get real-time traffic alerts. This makes it easier to avoid everything from speed traps to hazards. Getting anywhere is easier because of finding the fastest route. Plus, your assistant can help you to find gas stations and restaurants along the way.

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