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Why You Should Test Drive a Jeep Cherokee

SUVs are often associated with rugged terrain, which is a word that can put some people off. However, the Jeep Cherokee is different. Rugged describes the tire's tread, while all-terrain describes the SUV itself. Perfect for anywhere, anytime drives, the Cherokee makes a stand as one of the best and most popular SUVs in Reno, NV.

Interior features are important in any SUV, but the Jeep Cherokee makes them fun too. Comfort is a priority, so the driver and front passenger seats warm-up at the press of a button. The steering wheel does the same with a ventilated heating element beneath the leather. Additionally, for added cargo space, the rear seats can be slid forward and folded down. Plus, there’s a hidden cargo compartment.

What are you doing today? Tomorrow? Pick a day that works best for you and come down to Lithia Chrysler Jeep of Reno to take a Jeep Cherokee for a test drive.

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